martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Video Interview: Josh Homme with Antony Bourdain

According to wikipedia, Anthony Michael "Tony" Bourdain (born June 25, 1956) is an American chef, author, and television personality. I honestly had no clue who the hell the guy was. But for some reason his name sounded familiar to me. Oh, yeah, now I remember. He was mentioned by argentinean biggest and most important Metal musician: Ricardo Iorio. Why was Antony Bourdain mentioned? Because Iorio says he watches TV for like 12 hours a day. He thinks you can discover new cultures and learn from them just by watching Discovery Channel and that type of Tv shows. I'm not quite sure if Iorio is right about that, but what I do know is that I found the following video on youtube and I think it's a pretty interesting way of portraying Josh Homme's personality.

Josh always sounds clever in his interviews and I even read a couple of interviews -pre Kyuss trademark legal dispute- with John Garcia saying that Homme is the most inteligent person he ever met in his life. After watching this video with Tony Bourdain and Josh, I have my reservations about Homme's intelligence. I mean, is he that clever or is he a specialist in sounding clever? Sometimes it's like the guy tries too hard. Maybe it's just my impression. I won't judge the guy by just watching a 40 minutes video interview. I still think he is a great musician and his job in those 4 Kyuss albums is flawless. Sorry for not achieving a conclusion or anything like that.

At least, now you know where to eat or where to buy crappy and useless things if you ever go to the desert.

Perhaps Iorio was right.

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Listen Without Distraction: Review #1

Sometimes, for no particular reason, I like to look for reviews about the Kyuss tribute CD I did back in the day. So, I guess I'll be uploading some reviews from time to time. Most of them are online in some blog no longer active. Also, I'll try to find a few ones that were published in printed media. It may take me a little longer since I have those mags somewhere in my parent's house.

Anyway, this one was published at the Get off My Elevator blog. As usual, the guy doing the review has some prejudice on the fact the CD features argentinian bands only. I can't blame him, really. The good thing is that he end up liking it. Hope you like it too!

"This is a great tribute! I admit, it took some time for a few of the covers to grow on me, but over time I came to respect the effort of every band featured on this CD. If you don't think the idea of 16 Argentinean bands covering KYUSS classics sounds like a good one, I understand your skepticism, but I also know you'll probably change your mind about 20 seconds into CYGNUS' rendition of "Thumb". Highlights? Definitely CRUZDIABLO's merging of "100 Degrees" and "Whitewater", as well as SAURON's "Phototropic". SENDERO LUMINOSO's acoustic slant on "Love Has Passed Me By" is very interesting. Of course, another highlight is the extensive liner notes, penned by the one and only Scott Reeder, but in order to read those you'll need to order your own copy at

Before I gush any further, I'll just say that if you enjoy tribute albums, I think this is exactly the tribute album for the G.O.M.E. faithful"

Note: Sadly, is no longer active and Dan -the owner- is not selling the tribute CD anymore. But you can order it on this site! Just look at the paypal button at the right of your screen.

miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

Listening Kyuss for the first time...

I'm not sure how it was in the States, but if you wanted to watch Headbangers Ball in Southamerica during the 90s, you had to stay up really late. If my memory's correct, every new program was aired at 3AM on thurdsday and then you could watch it again on saturday, at 11 PM. Anyway, the very first time I listened to Kyuss was while watching Headbangers Ball and to be honest, it didnt do much for me. ¿The song? this one...

I wonder how I managed myself to avoid Kyuss charm. I guess listening to Morbid Angel so much fucked my senses up! If you'd told me Kyuss would end up being one of my top 5 bands, i would'd called you crazy!

Welcome to...

original artwork
Kyuss third album, "Welcome to Sky Valley", features which is probably the most iconic Stoner Rock album cover. Maybe that's why so many people do these pictures you'll see below. Here's a collection of cool pics, anything from the artistic angle pic, the boring pic, the self-pic, to the fish eye pic, vintage looking pic, "me and my friends" pic, etc, etc...

What's this?

Read without distraction:

In 2005 I released a Kyuss Tribute album called "Listen Without Distraction". It was a CD full of 16 Kyuss cover songs done by 16 bands from my country, Argentina. Also, it featured liner notes by Kyuss former bass player scott Reeder. Back in the day I run an independent/ultra small label called Dias de Garage and even though I released some metal bands, it was basically a stoner/doom label.

As you can guess, I did that tribute CD to show my love for Kyuss, a band that was not very well known in my country. Time has passed and Kyuss popularity has grown a lot in my country... I guess you can blame it on the internet.

Anyway, this blog should be a space for sharing Kyuss info, videos, cover songs, etc. In other words, my intention is to keep spreading the word about Kyuss, that band that taught us to listen without distraction.