miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

What's this?

Read without distraction:

In 2005 I released a Kyuss Tribute album called "Listen Without Distraction". It was a CD full of 16 Kyuss cover songs done by 16 bands from my country, Argentina. Also, it featured liner notes by Kyuss former bass player scott Reeder. Back in the day I run an independent/ultra small label called Dias de Garage and even though I released some metal bands, it was basically a stoner/doom label.

As you can guess, I did that tribute CD to show my love for Kyuss, a band that was not very well known in my country. Time has passed and Kyuss popularity has grown a lot in my country... I guess you can blame it on the internet.

Anyway, this blog should be a space for sharing Kyuss info, videos, cover songs, etc. In other words, my intention is to keep spreading the word about Kyuss, that band that taught us to listen without distraction.

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